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Scanners and Scanning

  • Before you buy a scanner, there may be more to it than you think. We gained invaluable insight from several respected authors and consultants in the field of digital documents. Here are some good links to pursue.
  • A few scanning tips, by Wayne Fulton. An on-line self published book, this may be the best $23.95 you can spend. Wayne does a very good job of explaining pixel resolution, scanning pitfalls and what to watch out for. He even explains video and graphic resolution with good information before you create that next PowerPoint presentation.with PDF files.
  • Tips on Scanning-While this site focuses on creating digital images of philatelic materials, there is some really good advice on items from bulbs to detecting forgeries and printing varieties.
  • A Guide to Scanning Documents-Last updated September 2011. Still pretty good advice.
  • Scanning Tips for Graphics, Basic but good information.
  • HTML Document Conversion: Scanning Tips has a few basic tips.
  • TWAIN Community Web site has lots of resources you may find helpful.
  • Kofax Cross Compatibility Matrix
  • Fujitsu Scanner Matrix
  • Scanner Reviews
  • Large Scanner Review-Reviews of mid to high-end scanners.
  • Image Acquire is an online resource for scanners and digital cameras, interfaces, and associated software. Specifications, news, and reviews.
  • Find scanner information and independent reviews of scanners at