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Best Fit

Mid- to large-size firms, multi-office are best suited to the broad features and functionality of this product.


  • Ability to drag-and-drop emails directly to Microsoft® Outlook.
  • Enhanced collaboration within your firm by making selected client emails accessible to everyone.
  • Instant access to client files from any location at any time, helping to increase efficiency and client response.
  • Secure computer backup.
  • Risk mitigation assistance for regulatory compliance. (Additional Internal Control Procedures must be in place)
  • A digital dashboard lets you view up to six panes of information, which you can customize by choosing from 11 different panels.

Brief Product Description and Pricing

CCH Document is a complete document management solution built specifically for accountants in public practice.

This application attempts to reduce the costs associated with creating and storing paper documents, which should result in an environment where staff is able to work together more efficiently and enable staff members to shed the dependence on physical pieces of paper, allowing access to any document from any location.

In addition, CCH Document automates document retention and, thus allows for the implementation of consistent firm-wide retention policies. These policies ensure that documents are retained for mandated periods of time and then disposed of properly.

With strong integration between CCH Document, Microsoft® Office® and other CCH Accountants™ Suite applications, the accountant is provided an electronic repository for all documents within the firm. This improves workflows, lowers costs for storing documents, and increases staff available time to generate additional revenue or provide additional services.

With ProSystem fx Document ASP, you can store all your documents on a secure ASP platform to:

  • Improve productivity with the quick start-up time.
  • Enhance collaboration within your firm by making selected client emails accessible to everyone.
  • Support efficiency using drag-and-drop functionality that lets you move emails directly to a ProSystem fx Document client list within Microsoft® Outlook.
  • Ensure your business continuity in the event of a disaster.
  • Increase your efficiency with 24/7 remote access to the heart of your business — your client files.

Or, you can host your firm’s content using ProSystem fx Document.

Technical Specifications

CCH® ProSystem fx® Document is intended to run on a Microsoft Windows platform. Document ASP is designed to run on over the Internet in a Cloud computing environment, where all documents are securely maintained off-site and accessed via the Internet.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

CCH Document includes a number of features to improve the overall performance of the practice, and convey both information in a timely manner and facilitate improved workflows practices as well:

  • Document Manager – Allows you to index, store, track, search, and retrieve all electronic files in your firm.
  • Records Management – Includes the ability to retain and retrieve unalterable record copies during the retention period, plus easy destruction of records at the end of the retention period.
  • Client Portal – Allows you to collaborate with your clients remotely via the secure Client Portal, providing the ability to make any size document available instantly.
  • Streamlined Document Process – Wizards enable automatic document indexing and publishing directly from in-house applications to the Document Manager.
  • Document Retention – A one-time setup of retention periods allows the setting of specific expiration dates for documents, whether these dates are driven by business practices or regulatory requirements.
  • Client Relationships – Allows you to further enhance your relationships with clients and third parties with the ability to retrieve and send documents to them with minimal clicks. These documents can be published to their own private repository on the Client Portal.
  • Audit Trails – Tracks the complete history of documents so you can know who has viewed, edited, and checked documents in and out, along with customizable version controls.

Representative Client List (if available)

CCH Pro fx Office and its suite of products are used by many of the top one hundred firms in the United States. An extensive list of user firms is available from your CCH Account Representative.

Company History and Contact Information

CCH is a member of the Wolters Kluwer Tax, Accounting & Legal division, one of the four Wolters Kluwer divisions worldwide. CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, is a leading provider of integrated information services, software and workflow tools to address the evolving requirements of business and legal professionals. The unit also produces the ProSystem fx Office, one of the most popular tax compliance and productivity software suites used by accountants.

Through its publishing group, CCH is the leading provider of tax research services and software tools in the industry. CCH has been a leader in tax law since the inception of the federal income tax in 1913 and continues its leadership today. CCH produces more than 100 tax law information and software solutions annually for accountants, attorneys, financial planners, government agencies and others who must understand and apply federal, state and international law.

Many of CCH’s tax products are provided through subscription services, with a focus on ensuring accurate and timely solutions delivered in virtually all media types, from loose-leaf publications to Internet and integrated workflow tools, as well as via commercial databases.

Revenues: €3.4 billion (2007)
Employees: 19,544 worldwide
Markets: Tax, Accounting, Corporate Services, Financial Services, Legal and Regulatory
Services: Europe, North America and Asia Pacific
Operations: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Headquarters: Euronext Amsterdam: WLSNC.AS, stock code 39590, ISIN code NL0000395903; included in the AEX and
Stock listing: Euronext 100 indices

CCH is a large international company; you can find an account representative via the Internet or via phone contact. To request more information or to order, please call 1-800-PFX-9998 (1-800-739-9998), option 1, then option 1, or click here to find your CCH Account Representative.