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Best Fit

Mid- to large-size firms. Designed to work with the Thomson-Reuters suite of products, but may be used across other industries at an enterprise level as well.


  • An intuitive interface that can be customized to your needs
  • Sophisticated workflow technologies
  • Fast scanning, document import features, and numerous other efficiency features
  • Convenient storage and retrieval of files
  • Seamless and meaningful integration with core tax and accounting applications
  • The convenience of a web-hosted solution
  • Enterprise security and control

Brief Product Description and Pricing

GoFileRoom combines comprehensive document management, scanning, and workflow technologies with the power of the Internet to provide firms with a single tool to efficiently manage, secure, and streamline the workflow process.

Pricing for GoFileRoom varies by users and space requirements. A quote must be provided by your Account Representative.

More Information on GoFileRoom

GoFileRoom offers:

  • Web-based document management—Locate and deliver documents electronically to clients any time, anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • A highly configurable solution—Customize drawers, index structures, workflows, and reports so files can be easily located according to the requirements of each department.
  • Fast and easy document searching—Quickly find any document using the new innovative QuickLaunch tool, or other options.
  • Flexible email capabilities—Quickly attach files and email them to your clients, send dynamic document links, and secure outgoing PDFs with on-the-fly passwords.
  • Fast, efficient scanning of all documents—Scan documents in bulk and organize with the highest degree of accuracy by leveraging barcode and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.
  • Efficient annotation options—Speed up the preparation and review process by leveraging Acrobat’s native document handling, which enables you to quickly annotate, bookmark, merge, append, and highlight documents.
  • Extended integration with Adobe® Acrobat®—Use TaxTools to run an electronic calculator tape, optimize dual monitor views, and apply hundreds of accounting specific tick marks.
  • Easy records retention and maintenance—Establish firm-wide document retention policies to comply with records retention requirements and give you maximum security and control. Two independent sign-ons are required to permanently delete and destroy documents.
  • Efficient management of files for ALL departments—A true firm-wide solution, GoFileRoom allows you to store all client service and internal department documents in one centralized location for quick access.

Technical Specifications

  • Microsoft Office 2000 or higher is required to take advantage of integration with Office applications.
  • As with most Enterprise Suite applications and most CS Professional Suite applications, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is required. However, Internet Explorer 7.0 is preferred for use with GoFileRoom. In addition, we recommend that your browser use a minimum of 128-bit encryption. Internet browsers should also meet the following requirements:
    • – Third-party popup blockers must be set to allow *.GoFileRoom.com.
      – https://*.GoFileRoom.com should be added as a trusted site.
      – The Display Mixed Content security setting must be enabled.
      – The Reuse windows for launching shortcuts setting should be turned off.
  • Because GoFileRoom software is accessed via the Internet, it requires a broadband connection. The optimal type of broadband connection depends upon bandwidth utilization and the number of concurrent users, but we recommend a T1 line.
  • GoFileRoom requires that various third-party components be installed on each workstation. To view the list of required components, go to GoFileRoom.com and click the Check Browser link. If the components are not already installed, you can install them using the links in that page.
  • The following add-ins must be installed on each workstation to allow program integration: GoFileRoom Adobe, GoFileRoom Office, and GoFileRoom Outlook.
  • GoFileRoom requires that only one version of Adobe® Acrobat® or Adobe Reader® is installed on the workstation. We support Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional version 6.0 or higher with all patches applied or Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher with all patches applied.

Scan Station
A scan station is a workstation that is devoted to scanning documents directly into Adobe Acrobat and subsequently into GoFileRoom via the GoFileRoom ScanFlow and Upload Server add-ins or the CopyFlow utility. Scan stations are typically directly connected to high-speed scanners via SCSI or USB ports.

Scan stations must meet the same requirements as the workstations that run the GoFileRoom application and they must also meet the following requirements:

  • Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional must be installed on the scan station workstation.
  • The scan station requires 2 GB of RAM. If the GoFileRoom Upload Documents utility is installed on the scan station workstation, 2 – 4 GBs of RAM are required.
  • We recommend that you use a USB 2.0 port to connect the scanner to the scan station. Alternately, you can connect the scanner via a PCI slot. If you use a PCI slot, the scanner PC must be a full-size chassis (not a mini tower) to accommodate full-size Adrenaline cards.
  • Adaptec ASPI layer must be up-to-date.
  • When using a scan station, we recommend you dedicate a business DSL or cable broadband Internet connection to uploading documents from the scan station. This reduces the amount of traffic for other general users.
  • A TWAIN-compliant scanner is recommended for use with the scan station. See the Scanner section for additional information.

Utility Servers
Utility servers host GoFileRoom utilities and services, such as GoFileRoom Upload Documents, GoFileRoom Auto File Import, GoFileRoom Auto List, and GoFileRoom .NET Local Cache.

Utility servers must meet the same requirements as the GoFileRoom application.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

GoFileRoom is a web-based solution requiring high-speed Internet connectivity. The application is straight forward and can be set by in-house staff without significant technical expertise.

Representative Client List (if available)

GoFileRoom is used by a number of firms across the United States. Ask an account representative for a comparable firm listing.

Company History and Contact Information

Thomson Reuters shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TRI); Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: TRI); London Stock Exchange (LSE: TRIL); and Nasdaq (NASDAQ: TRIN). Thomson Tax & Accounting employs over 3,800 people across the United States, and serves the tax, accounting, compliance, professional, and government markets. GoFileRoom Account Representatives can be reached at 800-726-1040 or es.sales@thomson.com

Employees:3,800 + US
Markets:Tax, accounting, compliance, professional, and government
Stock listing:New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TRI)
Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: TRI)
London Stock Exchange (LSE: TRIL)
Nasdaq (NASDAQ: TRIN).

GoFileRoom Account Representatives can be reached at 800-726-1040 or es.sales@thomson.com