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Company Overview

Doc.It provides of a complete Suite of document management, workflow and web portal solutions for accounting firms, allowing them to improve their level of client service, reduce data security risks and control cost by consolidating applications.

Doc.It Suite is a complete document management system for managing all documents, communications and tasks within a firm. The complete suite includes a powerful PDF Editor, scan tools, PBC checklists and secure email, allowing firms to replace up to seven pieces of software to conduct core work processes – gathering, processing, storing and delivering documents.

Doc.It integrates with many applications used by accounting firms, including tax software, time and billing applications and MS Office products, and expands the functionality of CaseWare and CCH Engagement users. For firms who want to get started quickly with simplified document management or a client portal, Doc.It offers two great affordable, easily upgradeable options on the same platform.

Doc.It Explore is a simple and intuitive document management system for firms seeking to reduce paper-based activities. Explore offers OCR/scanning, document check-in/check-out, and work binders to help work teams get organized fast. The full featured PDF editor allows accounting staff to annotate, bookmark, merge, link pages, append, and highlight documents in a user-friendly work area.

Doc.It Connect is a secure web portal designed for firms offering tax, accounting, bookkeeping or insolvency services who want to enhance client relationships and improve productivity. Connect allows firms and their clients to share, sign, and manage financial statements, tax returns, invoices, and other documents. The orderly Doc.It file structure keeps everything organized and accessible by authorized users anytime, from any device. Integration with Docusign eSignature for simple electronic signatures.

Server, Hosted or Cloud

Doc.It products can be installed on a firm server, cloud-hosted via a 3rd party hosting provider, or the new SaaS product, Doc.It Cloud, available in 2020.

Award-winning Innovations

Doc.It has received many awards from K2e and other industry leaders:

  • 2019 the Doc.It Portal was recognized by K2e for “Cloud ease of use.”
  • 2018 Doc.It received the K2 Prime Award for overall innovation and leadership.
  • Category winner for the Best Overall Mobile Strategy.
  • Accounting Firm Operations and Technology Survey 2016 Risk Mitigation Award
  • CPA Practice Advisor 5-Star Award
  • CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award

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About Doc.It

Doc.It provides document management, workflow, document storage and web portal products that help accounting firms efficiently gather, process, store and deliver documents.

Doc.It solutions improve data security, enhance client services and consolidate applications to improve productivity of accounting firms, CPAs and financial restructuring firms. Our industry expertise delivers greater value, tailored services and customer-driven development. Suite

Doc.It Archive stores fully-indexed, bookmarked PDF files with retention policies, independent of the engagement’s originating software. Native “publishing” capabilities allow the creation of fully-bookmarked, searchable PDFs of all documents related to an engagement. The published PDF is then available for sharing from the Doc.It Archive, using the integrated Doc.It Web Portal or email.

Doc.It Inbox is the heart of Doc.It. The Inbox is used for temporary storage and routing of all documents in their original format (e.g. PDF, Excel, Outlook. etc.). From the inbox, documents can be sent to co-workers, filed in Doc.It ® Work Binders or sent to the secure Doc.It Archive.

Doc.It PDF Editor is used to annotate, bookmark, merge, link pages, append, and highlight documents. Users can also easily run an electronic calculator tape and apply hundreds of accounting-specific tick marks.

Doc.It Policy Manager ensures uniformity across the firm by applying your predetermined file naming and location policy to all documents as they are gathered and then prepared for storage.
Doc.It Scan and Organize supports all types of scanners with built-in features to ensure the accuracy of scanned documents, and optical character recognition (OCR) to render the content searchable, saving time and improving efficiency. As documents are gathered, Doc.It Advanced Forms Recognition (AFR) technology identifies, names, and organizes an unlimited number of document types.

Doc.It Work Binders are the central location where all documents are organized for preparation and review of work, contain documents in their native file formats. Doc.It Work Binders are organized in a logical template-driven, firm-defined folder structure. With Doc.It Suite at work for your firm, productivity increases because documents are always named and filed correctly and instantly available, which eliminates any time wasted searching.

Doc.It Workflow Doc.It workflow is used for every engagement type. Workflow settings are used to monitor due dates, route or reroute work, and oversee staff workload to identify issues before they occur. The workflow screen displays status of a document or binder which informs the next-in-line a task was completed.

In addition to the specific components outlined above, Doc.It Suite includes native search capabilities that facilitate quick and easy location and identification of documents of interest. Doc.It Suite also contains native “publishing” capabilities, allowing users to create fully-bookmarked, searchable PDFs of all documents related to an engagement. Doc.It Suite automatically stores the published PDF in the Doc.It Archive.


All Doc.It products include unlimited support, free upgrade and updates. No long term contracts.

Doc.It Suite

1-39 users is $36/user/month

40+ users is $26/user/month

Doc.It Connect

$16/user/month regardless of firm size

Doc.It Explore

$21/user/month regardless of firm size

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