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Category: Integrated travel and expense management solution for SMB to ERP class businesses

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Best Fit

SAP Concur’s web-based and mobile solutions are available for Entry, SMB, and Enterprise users of a wide range of accounting solutions or may be implemented stand-alone.


  • Web-based, easy to implement interface
  • Integrates with a number of popular accounting systems
  • Accepts direct data feeds from most popular credit card and bank services providers
  • Automatically creates expense reports from TripIt itineraries
  • Integrated travel and expense management solutions
  • Automatically pre-populates expense reports with credit card transactions
  • Mobile App for most widely used for Smartphone and Tablets OSs
  • E-receipts
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Brief Product Description and Pricing

With SAP Concur’s corporate travel solution, travelers are empowered to make smart choices based on their individual preferences and their corporate travel policy. This saves money while driving adoption and streamlining the whole online booking process.

Corporate travelers can quickly and simultaneously book local and international flights, cars, hotels, and rail reservations from the web or from their smartphone. SAP Concur delivers a web-based and mobile solution that streamlines and automates the entire expense reporting process. Credit card data is automatically imported and pre-populated into the expense report, saving time and improving accuracy.

SAP Concur also automatically matches travel booking information with corporate card charges and electronic receipts to create a secure system of checks and balances for your company’s spending. With Expense Report Auditing, organizations can verify line item expenses against submitted receipts while ensuring that purchases are in compliance. SAP Concur’s dedicated auditing resources ensure that all receipts are valid and properly classified, that spending is properly allocated, and that expenses submitted by specific groups or individual employees are given the appropriate level of attention and control. 

The Expense Pay service streamlines the process of reimbursing credit cards and employees. Corporate cards are paid directly, according to your schedule, helping control cash flow and optimizing rebates. Employees are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses through direct deposit to their bank accounts.

Concur’s Business Intelligence service provides automated, end-to-end reporting and analysis tools that provide clear insight into how your company and employees spend their travel and expense budgets. Unlike other expense reporting solutions that can only provide access to silos of information from unconnected sources, Concur provides visibility into all employee-initiated spending in one place. This unique, web-based solution gives clients access to a virtually limitless number of reports.

The Invoice Management solution automates the tedious and manual invoicing and vendor payment process. Intuitive and easy-to-use, the Invoice Management solution enables organizations to efficiently capture, process, and track vendor invoices and check requests for payment in a timely and efficient manner via an on-demand service, eliminating paper and reducing costs.

Concur includes mobile T&E capabilities for Android™, BlackBerry®, iPhone, and iPad devices at no extra cost. This gives employees the power and flexibility to manage their travel itineraries or to track their expenses from their smartphone. With Concur’s mobile app, travelers have immediate access to their travel itineraries, making it easy and convenient to access the information or to make changes. Cash expenses such as tips or taxi fares can be quickly added to an expense report, receipt images can be captured with the phone’s camera, and credit card charges are automatically made available in the mobile application for reporting.

TripIt®, the leading mobile trip management service from Concur, helps people organize and share their travel plans – no matter where they book. Travelers simply forward their travel confirmation emails from over 3,000 sites to TripIt automatically creates a master itinerary that combines all their travel plans plus maps, directions, and more. With TripIt, you can share and collaborate on trips with friends and colleagues using social networks or TripIt Groups. TripIt itineraries can be accessed online, via iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices, or from TripIt Pro premium service for frequent travelers automatically monitors travel itineraries, providing mobile alerts, alternate flight options, frequent traveler point tracking, flight refund tracking and notification, and automated trip sharing.

Technical Specifications

SAP Concur is a SaaS provider, so all solutions can be accessed via an Internet browser. Mobile application is available for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android phones.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

SAP Concur integrates to a wide range of financial management and HR/Payroll systems. The major activities within a typical implementation project include:

  • Getting Started: Client project team preparation activities
  • Requirements and Analysis: Initial requirements gathering and configuration analysis
  • Configuration, Review, and Validation: Evaluation and validation of initial configuration
  • Readiness and Deployment: Project team training and preparation for deployment
  • Transition: Hand-off to SAP Concur Client Support team
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Company History and Contact Information

SAP Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. The company was founded in 1993 on the premise of helping to drive costs out of business through innovation. Visit